Double Gift Pack Tom Foolery Reds

Fool Me Twice (Tomfoolery Reds 2-Pack)


Two bottle fluted gift box - 20/10CVN


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An Australian double gift pack produced in Barossa Valley and hand wrapped by our SC team with love! As you guessed, it's all in the name... young and vibrant!


Barossa Balley
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‘Tomfoolery’ was established in 2004 by Ben Chipman and Toby Yap in the Barossa Valley. The name came about due to them crushing a tonne of Shiraz grapes in sweltering heat - a brave/foolish endeavour. This wine was turned into their first ‘Artful Dodger’ Shiraz, which has become their premium wine. Since then, Ben and Toby have added other wines to their portfolio, such as Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Mataro, Termpranillo and Pinot Noir. The whites are sourced from vineyards in the Barossa Valley for the reds, the Eden Valley for the Pinot Gris, and the Adelaide Hills for their Sauvignon Blanc, which thrives in cooler climates. Despite the name, Ben and Toby are very serious about winemaking: their philosophy is to hand-craft small parcels of fruit with minimal intervention in order for the grapes to truly reflect the individual characteristics of the vineyard and variety. The grapes are picked early in the morning before being destemmed and fermented in small open fermenters; the whites are filtered gently before bottling, while the reds are neither fined nor filtered, ‘to ensure the full potential of the fruit is captured.’ The labels are designed by artist John Engelhardt, who has worked for major companies such as ‘Walt Disney’ Australia.

The ‘Tally-ho Sauvignon Blanc’ from the Adelaide Hills features a pale straw colour and aromas of fresh peas and jasmine florals, with a subtle zesty note, and a palate of lime and gooseberry, crisp acidity and a long finish. The ‘Trouble and Strife Cabernet Franc Rosé’ from the Barossa Valley has a luscious rose-pink colour, aromas of pomegranate, raspberry, rosehips and cinnamon, flavours of wild strawberries and redcurrants, and a refreshingly dry finish. The ‘Artful Dodger Shiraz’ from the Barossa Valley is their flagship wine, with aromas of plum, blueberry and smoke, a full-bodied palate of blackberry and spice, and a toasty, long finish.

For more information on Tomfoolery and their wines, head to the website.


South Australia

A behemoth of a state, South Australia is responsible for over 50% of Australia's wine production. With the first known planting here taking place in 1836, local vintners have had time to truly perfect their art. In fact, SA is also home to some of the oldest Shiraz vines on the planet, with around 38% of SA’s old vines being Shiraz.

Such a large area means that the terrain, climate and soil profiles vary immensely between regions, allowing for a vast array of varieties to thrive. Some of South Australia's premier wine regions include; Barossa Valley, Mclaren Vale, Clare Valley, Coonawarra and the Adelaide hills. Such a collection of prime wine regions has earned South Australia the grand title of Australia’s Wine Capital. But it doesn’t stop there, the prowess of SA wine producers mixed with fantastic growing conditions has garnered the state the privilege of being dubbed one of the 9 Great Wine Capitals of the World.

Towards the end of the 19th century, Europe was ravaged by an outbreak of Phylloxera, an aphid that injects a venom into the root of the vine while sucking out sap. The effect of the outbreak vastly influenced the global market. For example, France’s wine output decreased by over 40%, with the whole ordeal costing the country over 10 billion francs. Luckily for all, the grand ‘down-under’ remained a wine wonder, as the blight couldn’t take flight and reach the far away lands.