Mollydooker Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz 2016

Mollydooker Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz2016

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Staff favourite here at Specialist Cellars, this Shiraz is both robust and restrained at the same time. Blue, black and raspberry flavours are complimented by coffee bean, vanilla and peppery characters. Full bodied, velvety smooth and complex.

Why we love it: 

It's big and bold while also being restrained and refined

Drink with: 

Dark chocolate ganache

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McLaren Vale
Blend Info.
100% Shiraz
Alcohol by Vol.
Bottle Vol.
Now - 2020
Serving Temp.
12 - 17°
Screw Cap



In 1991, having just married and completed their winemaking degrees, Sarah and Sparky Marquis dreamt of starting their own business. They first started winemaking at Fox Creek in McLaren Vale, owned by Sarah’s parents. In 1994, they developed their Marquis Vineyard Watering Program, which promotes healthy vines and the perfect fruit weight. Along the way, they collected awards for their wines, such as ‘Australian Boutique Winemakers of the Year’ and ‘Australian White Winemakers of the Year’. Following a decision to focus on bulk wine their fortunes deflated when the market bottomed out and they returned to the premium wine market, working at Henry’s Drive, Parson’s Flat and Shirvington, as well as setting up their own brand, Marquis Phillips. Success followed, to the point where revered wine critic Robert Parker became one of their biggest fans, where they went from making 8,000 cases to 120,000 cases in four years. Again, misfortune closed in, to the point where they had only $17 in the bank. A local businessman listened to their tale and left them with a cheque to help them get through the next month. Friends, staff and grape growers all rallied around to assist. This all led them towards starting their own brand, Mollydooker, Australian slang for a left-handed person. For their first vintage in 2006, Robert Parker rated three of their wines as the first, second and fourth best value wines in the world. Their wines sold out in 19 days and all their debts were paid off. The rollercoaster ride for Sarah and Sparky continued somewhat, and while their marriage and business partnership is no more, Mollydooker continues to achieve great things.

The range of wines is too extensive to fully list, although some stand-outs are: ‘The Violinist Verdelho’, ‘Two Left Feet Shiraz Cabernet Merlot’, and the premium ‘Velvet Glove Shiraz’.

For more information on Mollydooker and its story, check out the website.


South Australia

A behemoth of a state, South Australia is responsible for over 50% of Australia's wine production. With the first known planting here taking place in 1836, local vintners have had time to truly perfect their art. In fact, SA is also home to some of the oldest Shiraz vines on the planet, with around 38% of SA’s old vines being Shiraz.

Such a large area means that the terrain, climate and soil profiles vary immensely between regions, allowing for a vast array of varieties to thrive. Some of South Australia's premier wine regions include; Barossa Valley, Mclaren Vale, Clare Valley, Coonawarra and the Adelaide hills. Such a collection of prime wine regions has earned South Australia the grand title of Australia’s Wine Capital. But it doesn’t stop there, the prowess of SA wine producers mixed with fantastic growing conditions has garnered the state the privilege of being dubbed one of the 9 Great Wine Capitals of the World.

Towards the end of the 19th century, Europe was ravaged by an outbreak of Phylloxera, an aphid that injects a venom into the root of the vine while sucking out sap. The effect of the outbreak vastly influenced the global market. For example, France’s wine output decreased by over 40%, with the whole ordeal costing the country over 10 billion francs. Luckily for all, the grand ‘down-under’ remained a wine wonder, as the blight couldn’t take flight and reach the far away lands.