Ochota Barrels The Slint Chardonnay 2017

Ochota Barrels The Slint Chardonnay2017


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On the nose aromas of pome fruits, melon and beeswax. This chardonnay opens up to present a flinty, zest driven palate that boasts texture, restraint and a lovely acid structure.

Why we love it: 

Cool climate Chardonnay - Need we say more

Drink with: 

Gouda cheese with fig jam platter


Adelaide Hills
Blend Info.
100% Chardonnay
Alcohol by Vol.
Bottle Vol.
Serving Temp.
7 - 12°
Screw Cap


Ochota Barrels

Taras Ochota may be one of the coolest guys in wine. After a ‘mis-spent youth playing a rikkenbakker bass in various punk bands’, he completed a winemaking degree at Adelaide University. After graduation,Taras worked for several brands around the world, before becoming a ‘Flying Winemaker Consultant’ for Swedish import company Oenoforos. During his time at Oenoforos he produced wine in the Italian regions of Puglia, Abruzzo and Sicily. His brand, Ochota Barrels, was conceived during a surfing trip to Mexico in 2008, and, having had enough of making megalitre batches of blended wine, Taras and wife Amber headed back home to the Adelaide Hills. The name is a nod, not only to wine barrels but also to surfing, and the logo represents ‘a labyrinth of flavour, texture and emotion’.  The fruit used in production are farmed biodynamically and sourced from select parcels in the Barossa Valley, Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale. Fermentation is undertaken using the yeast naturally present on the grape skins, with whole bunches often used, producing soft textures and aromas. Taras and Amber’s efforts have seen Ochota Barrels collect many awards and sterling reviews, due in no small part to Taras’ ‘boundary-pushing’ wines.

The ‘Surfer Rosa Pinot Noir Garnacha’ is a rosé blend of Pinot Noir and Grenache (‘garnacha’ being the Spanish name for the grape) with oodles of red fruits over a bone-dry finish. The ‘Texture Like Sun Field Red’ is an interesting mix of Pinot Noir, Merlot, Grenache and Gewürztraminer (and many more), with emphasis on the texture rather than the grape varieties within. The ‘I Am The Owl Syrah’ is a whole-bunch fermented red that spent 88 days on skins in order to extract as much colour and tannin as possible, while still being fresh and light.

For more information on Ochota and their wines, head to their website.


South Australia

A behemoth of a state, South Australia is responsible for over 50% of Australia's wine production. With the first known planting here taking place in 1836, local vintners have had time to truly perfect their art. In fact, SA is also home to some of the oldest Shiraz vines on the planet, with around 38% of SA’s old vines being Shiraz.

Such a large area means that the terrain, climate and soil profiles vary immensely between regions, allowing for a vast array of varieties to thrive. Some of South Australia's premier wine regions include; Barossa Valley, Mclaren Vale, Clare Valley, Coonawarra and the Adelaide hills. Such a collection of prime wine regions has earned South Australia the grand title of Australia’s Wine Capital. But it doesn’t stop there, the prowess of SA wine producers mixed with fantastic growing conditions has garnered the state the privilege of being dubbed one of the 9 Great Wine Capitals of the World.

Towards the end of the 19th century, Europe was ravaged by an outbreak of Phylloxera, an aphid that injects a venom into the root of the vine while sucking out sap. The effect of the outbreak vastly influenced the global market. For example, France’s wine output decreased by over 40%, with the whole ordeal costing the country over 10 billion francs. Luckily for all, the grand ‘down-under’ remained a wine wonder, as the blight couldn’t take flight and reach the far away lands.