A year of wine, delivered



Purchase a year long wine subscription for a friend this Christmas. This two-bottle pack features a duo of bottles from the New World, hand-picked by our in-house sommelier. This is the perfect way to introduce friends and family to new styles and examples from the New World. Quality over quantity right?

We’re here to connect you to the stories and wines of the incredible wine producers from New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, this mini subscription is the perfect initiation! We can even add a personalised note each time we dispatch a pack, so you look like a champion of a friend for the entire of 2021!

Every pack will arrive with bespoke tasting notes, ensuring your giftees reap the rewards and become the ultimate wine aficionados. (It’s our pleasure)

When you purchase this case for a year: you’ll receive a two bottle pack every quarter. Price includes your duo delivered every quarter.
(delivery charges £10.99)

Expect the unexpected.

Why we love it: It’s the gift of dreams!

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