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Let’s talk ORGANICS 🌱

What is organic wine? This word seems to have been thrown around like there’s no tomorrow, but let’s strip back the faff and get into the nitty gritty of what organic wine actually means. The journey of a grape from vine to wine has changed over time, involving more processing and chemical intervention than ever […]


¡ New World Icons ! pt.2 – The Women

Cullen Vanya Cullen has been wine making at her family’s Wilyabrup estate since 1983. Cullen Wines while remaining family owned has since evolved making quality wine from a certified Biodynamic, Carbon Neutral and naturally powered estate. Vanya was inducted into the Australian Business Women’s 2015 Hall of Fame which honours and celebrates Australian female business owners who […]


South African One’s to Watch

The best part of working in wine is discovering new producers and tasting wines that make you think. We’ve recently launched into South Africa, which for me was very much a new frontier. Good to say its been a very, very pleasant surprise. Outside of the established likes of France Spain, South Africa has to […]


Natural, Organic, Bio – Oh My!!!

Organic, Biodynamic or Natural… three of the more seemingly interchangeable wine terms hitting the headlines over the past 2 to 3 years! There is so much grey area and mystique surrounding these 3 in-vogue categories, particularly when one considers that essentially, they represent a return to simpler methods in both the vineyard and winery. The […]


Mike Bennie – Understanding Natural Wine In Australia

Natural Wines – But What Are They? Natural wine in Australia is nothing new. The near 200-year history of grape-growing and winemaking of Australia is riddled with touchstones that sit comfortably under the umbrella of natural wine. Dirt floor wineries, old, large format oak barrels, non-chemical farmed grapes, rudimentary or gentle winemaking practice, lower alcohols, wines […]