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Staff Xmas Party

The one thing we can all agree on is how craaaaazy the Christmas party period is. And where there is Christmas cheer, there is usually (always) alcohol involved. So why not come to us for your pre-party drinks, a wine tasting to celebrate the end of the year, or your staff Xmas party! 

We charge £30 per head for tables of up to 6 people (sorry blame Bo Jo), for a liquid wine journey from grape to bottle to mouth! You can also order from our fabulous brothers and sisters at Pop (sushi, pizza, burgers – it’s the best combo!) To check out the full list of traders available, click here

Our in house wine gurus will talk you through tastes and textures, and you can sip away the evening. We’ll be chatting 4 wines in 30 minutes, so get ready to ride the rollercoaster of New World Wine galore!

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