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Coming soon to the New World Fold...

We are always updating our New World Wine Warriors with the best wines that we can get our hands on which means, there might be some newbies flying about. However, to get our hands on these incredible bottles it takes time (they’re worth the wait though we promise).

So, this page is purely here to tempt you and get those tastebuds tickling whilst you wait patiently (or not so patiently) for their arrival.

Coming soon we have the newest bottle of our beloved Love Block Orange Sauvignon – yes that’s right IT’S BACK. Now changed to ‘Love Block Tee’, this new and improved wine is bursting with all the flavours that we loved from previous vintages, get excited.

ALSO, a brand spanking new vintage of Felton Road – can we get a hell yeah? Black Estate has also landed back onto our shelves, all the way from North Canterbury! This winery has a pretty good reputation, simply have a scroll to checkout the recent tasting notes.

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