Down in the Cellar with Ben Glover | Zephyr Wines

The New Zealand Cellar sits down with Ben Glover from Zephyr Wines to discuss all things wine in our “Down In The Cellar” series.

Ben Glover, also called The Janitor of the Glover family and Zephyr heritage has become an outstanding winemaker with incredible background experience as a Wine Marlborough committee member, chair of the Bragato Wine Show as well as chair of Pinot Noir 2017 New Zealand, the world’s largest and most prestigious pinot noir event. An established winemaker for Zephyr since 2006, his elegant style has made him one of the most respected in the business. 

Who do you admire most in the world of wine and why?

“Enthusiasm, the glass is always half full”.

What wine variety are you most excited about for its future in NZ?

“Sauvignon Blanc – it is our wine – but in particular the development of a wider breadth of expression.

Pinot Noir – it is just a sexy example and expression of New Zealand and New Zealanders as a whole”.

Have you had a “wine moment”? Like a specific point in time where you knew you wanted to work in the wine industry?

“The problem is I have KRAFT disease and Kant remember a F#@king thing – as this was a fairly long time again ie last century!! 

Seriously suffice to say I live in the wine industry. It is not a job. It is the opportunity to express something from the land in which you are from or stand gently on. The moment was more like I wanted to provide an expression from farming and growing up on a farm the medium became grapes and of course wine”.

“I still have this “moment’’ every day”.

Is there a specific wine region you benchmark your wines against?

“No, not really – Benchmarking is like using Nielson data to predict and forecast what is going to happen next, trend-wise with drinking patterns.

Drinking tasting exploring styles, other varieties, different soils, talking, discussing is a far better option”.

What is your biggest learning curve you’ve met working in the industry?

“You need to share, encourage and give back, and be open.

What goes around – comes around”.

We have recently opened our other half ‘The Australian Cellar’ – Have you tasted many Australian Wines and if so which region are you most excited for?

“Tasmania – New Zealand lost Island”.

Set the scene for us. You are having the night of your life…What are you drinking (from your range)?

“MK111 Sauvignon Blanc and copious amounts of Chardonnay”.

Who are you drinking it with?

“Why – the team from The NZ Cellar of course!”.

What are you eating?


And what music is playing?

“Neil Young and Fat Freddy’s”.

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