Kiwi ChardonYAY Case


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This case is a combo of the best vineyards that New Zealand has to offer; we’re talking Marlborough, Hawkes Bay, Gisbourne specifically. These producers need no introduction are they each hold their highly ranked place in our hearts. The best trio to introduce you to Kiwi Chard

*If some wines are out of stock, not to fear! Our in house sommelier will swap it out for another perfectly fitted bottle.*

*Tasting notes included*

Why we love it: Who doesn’t love a NZ Chardonnay?


New Zealand is one of the most isolated wine-growing locations in the world. Completely surrounded by the South Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is considered to be mostly cool climate. Whilst soils are fertile and youthful, there’s a sense of character and personality when it comes to New Zealand wine. Wine production itself in New Zealand is relatively youthful, which offers an incredibly dynamic and diverse industry that spreads the breadth of the country, encapsulating all 10 major wine growing regions. We see exceptional examples of Bordeaux Blends from Hawke’s Bay, to Burgundian contenders produced in Central Otago. New Zealand is so much more than just Sauvignon Blanc, and we’re here to show you what…


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